Rental Policies & Procedures

Please note, the below mentioned policies and procedures are in addition to all terms and conditions set out in our standard rental agreement.

We offer a complimentary 48-hour hold from the time a customer selects their rental items, until the day the order is picked up from our warehouse.

Prior to pick-up of a rental order, customers are responsible to review their order and all associated revisions, ensuring the accuracy of all listed items, as well as quantities.

In addition, once the customer receives their rental order, it is their responsibility to inform Home Ingredients of any damages or missing items, so any issues may be addressed immediately.

The rental/billing cycle starts on the day the order is picked up from our warehouse.

Once the rental order is picked up from our warehouse, we extend a complimentary 1-business day return policy, allowing our customers the flexibility to make changes to their order.

*For example, if a customer picks up an order on a Monday, the customer has until 5:00pm on the following business day, in this case Tuesday, to make any changes to that order. At, or after, 5:00pm Tuesday, our bookkeeping department will bill the customer. If customers return items after 5:00pm on the following business day, no refunds will be provided.

Our rentals run on a 28-day rental cycle.

Our minimum rental term is 28 days. Orders returned prior to the first renewal date will not be eligible for a refund.

We do, however, provide weekly pro-rated refunds once a rental order enters its second rental cycle.

For example, if a rental starts on June 1st (for the 28-day rental cycle of June 1st to June 29th). The renewal date for the second 28-day rental cycle would be June 29th (for the rental cycle of June 29th to July 27th).

If the customer returns their rental between June 29th to July 6th, they will receive a three-week refund. If the customer returns their rental between July 7th to July 13th, they will receive a two-week refund. If the customer returns their order between July 14th to July 20th, the customer will receive a one-week refund, however, if the customer returns their order on, or after July 21st, the customer will not receive a refund.

We ask that customers please inform Home Ingredients, by either email or phone, of when customers intend to return orders to our warehouse. This allows time for Home Ingredients’ staff to pull the customer file and make space in the warehouse. It also allows time to communicate with our bookkeeping department, so that returning orders are billed/refunded accordingly.

Orders are non-transferable from one address to another. If you would like to transfer items from one property address to another, a new rental order must be created, including the correct property address.

When returning your rented items to Home Ingredients, please ensure to properly wrap all items for transportation, as to remove the opportunity for damages to occur. Please also make sure to re-pack items in the specified packaging it was sent out in. Such as our large plastic re-closable bags that hold bedding, bubble art bags, etc. Please also remember to return any light bulbs provided to you by Home Ingredients, they will be listed as an inventory item on your rental order.

The Customer will be billed for all damaged or missing rental inventory, as stated under section(4). of the terms and conditions within our standard rental agreement.

If you are staging for a customer of your own, ensure to relay to your customers that staging items are not meant to be used, they are for looks only. For example, customers should not use hand towels, light candles, or sleep on pillows.

Thank you!

The Home Ingredients Team